The Café at John Henry’s


Full-service Cafe closed for the balance of the 2019 Summer Season



*** NOTICE - Saturday, July 27, 2019 ***

The sudden departure of two key personnel from the Café at John Henry’s, including our Chef de Cuisine, has meant we have had to make a significant change to our service. We no longer have sufficient staff to cook, or, due to the planned departures to resume schooling of our two key servers, to provide table service.

Under the direction of Brooke Lodge, Restaurant Manager and Pastry Chef, the Café has been re-organized to offer a more extensive take-out program, including additional sandwiches, soup, chili, prepared salads, and additional in-house baked goods.

We sincerely regret that we were placed in a position where we had no choice but to change our Café's service plan and menu mid-summer. We looked in depth at all of our options, and this was the only viable one. We know from past experience that finding qualified replacements is impossible mid-way through the summer season.

We have worked so hard to provide a delicious food program at John Henry’s for local residents and those visiting by boat or car. We understand how important our food program has been in our small corner of BC, but these personnel departures were completely unexpected and out of our control. We hope you understand.